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Buying Guide For Best Mattress Under 500 And Review Of 10 Products

Why buying a mattress can be a decision that should be taken after too much research and reading reviews? The bed is an everyday item that we utilise in our house, so most of the time the importance is lost. A good Mattress means, relaxed and good night’s sleep, which will energize you for the day and a bad mattress can give you back aches and bad night’s sleep, resulting in lethargic and sick you.  Buying a mattress is an investment, and if you are on a budget, the search becomes tough. Looking for the best mattress under 500 may seem like a daunting task to most of us, but let us assure you that after reading this buying guide you would be satisfied and would be able to get best bed mattress in your budget.

Types of Mattress available in the market

The first task is to understand the types of Mattresses that are available in the market. This can be quite confusing, but if you once grasp the difference in various types, you will be able to understand what you must look for while buying a mattress depending on your needs. Different types of mattress are as follows:

  • Hybrid Mattress – These kinds of mattresses are generally a combination of all materials like latex, foam, and coils. The toughest part is to determine the quality of each material that has been used in making a particular mattress. The best mattress under 500 is found to be mostly hybrid as these if made with precision provides the benefit of all materials. These are cooler than other types of mattresses.
  • Foam Mattress – Foam Mattresses can be general or memory foam mattresses. General ones (if not HD or HR) are not that good as these are not firm. HD and HR ones are denser and better quality. Another improved version is a memory foam mattress. It is denser and thicker in comparison to a regular foam mattress. Under 500 you may not be able to get a top rated memory foam mattress, but you can still get a decent one. While searching for top memory foam mattress look out for all the reviews, you can get, so that you don’t end up regretting. The HD and HR quality of foam mattress is generally the best medium firm mattress available in the market.
  • Latex Mattress – Latex Mattress can be found in different types. These types are natural, synthetic and combination. Natural contains natural serum from rubber tree which is sustainable. Synthetic is human-made, and in combination, you get the combination of both natural and synthetic material. Each has its own advantages and setbacks. To find the best mattress under 500 that to the latex of good quality is little tough. Latex is the costliest of all available mattresses in the market.
  • Coil Mattress – These are also known as Innerspring mattresses. These have coils of wire inside the mattress, attached to each other in different ways. Coils are generally present in the inner layer and are topped with a soft layer. These mattresses have been going around for quite a long time. Don’t think that if the number of coils is more, it is better, for the best queen size mattress 800-900 coils are great. You can get the best mattress under 500 in coil mattress category.
  • Adjustable mattresses – These are available in select brands, which gives you a choice to change the position or firmness of your bed. They have the custom option of massage and vibration if one wants while they are sleeping. These are high in the budget but are the best mattress for back problems.

Since you have gone through the types of the best mattress under 500 that are available in the market, your next task is to understand what to look for in these mattresses.

Features to look out for in mattresses

To see what the best mattress on the market is, you must look out for the features that should be present in any size mattress. Whether you are looking for the best full-size mattress or queen size mattress, these features should be present.

  • One of the most important point that you must consider while buying a mattress is Durability. Buying something which will last longer is a wise decision. Material quality is what matters, the cheaper the quality less longevity of the mattress.
  • The second thing that you must consider is the material that is used. We have already discussed that in the types of mattresses. You have to see what material confers with your sleeping habits and which is one of the best mattresses under 500 that is available in the market.
  • Comfort and supportability of the mattress are what matters most to all of us. It goes hand in hand. Comfort is the inner layer of the mattress gives the top layer and support to our spine. Choose one which suits your preferences of both comfort and support.
  • There are various customised mattresses available in the market but to get one in under 500 is a little tough.

To buy the best mattress under 500, you can search online on various sites. One of those is Amazon. You may get confused as to which one to buy as there are multiple mattress brand names. These can confuse you to no end, look out of mattress bed reviews and then choose the one that is best for you.


Review of 10 mattresses under 500

Indigo Sleep Classic Full Mattress |Supportive Cool Gel Memory Foam |Great Sleep for Couples | Two Comfort Choices |CertiPUR-US | Non-Toxic | Patented | Clean & Safe| 100 Night Trial

Indigo Sleep Classic Full Mattress can be said to be the best mattress under 500. They provide you with a premium quality mattress is not such a premium amount. It is developed in North Carolina by a family owned facility. Their foam matches the exact standards in the industry. They take pride in themselves as they say they are Zero –waste facility.

They declare that they take care of the foam for extra 7 days before that is given for production. They CertiPUR-US certification on their name. In this mattress you won’t require to let out the door, you can just unpack and lay down on it. In these mattresses you get feeling of 2 bed, the two layers are upper comfort layer and a lower support layer.

One can replace the top layer as the top layer wears out early as compared to the lower layer. This helps in saving money and wastage as well. They donate some of their mattresses to homeless.


If you and your partner have different sleeping choices you can both enjoy sleeping comfortably in your own preferences. Cover of the mattress can easily be slipped off and vacuumed. One can clean the mattress from any kind of dirt or odor easily. When it comes to Indigo’s gel memory mattress it soothes and cools the shoulder, hips and back pains.

A good mattress can make you feel more energised reducing the pains and pressures you have experienced till now. To top it all the material that is used is not harmful material like fibreglass or some harsh chemicals.


If you prefer your mattress to be extra firm this mattress is not for you. Moving the mattress requires two people as it has two layers as layers can collapse while moving. It has limited edge support.

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Alphabet Mattress Memory Foam Cooling Thermo Gel Mattress by Certipur Certified plus 15-Year Warranty (full)

Alphabet Mattress comes with Memory Foam Cooling that is infused with Thermo Gel. This mattress claims that whatever may be your sleeping position it can give you comfort and properly maintain your body alignment. It gives excellent motion control as it has gel foam which has Air Dispensing quality. This also makes it cooler.

This mattress has chamber capsules millions in number which makes it easy for air and heat to flow. You can feel your back, shoulders and hips settle comfortably once you lie down. It is 100% NYC made. It comes with 15 years of warranty which is hard to find. Generally, you will get a warranty of 10 years in the mattress. This has Certi-PUR also certified Oeko-Tex 100 Certified.


The mattress is covered with a premium quality fabric. It has three layers of foam within it, which provides the firmness to the mattress. The first layer is to distribute your weight in a balanced way which in turns gives you proper alignment.

The second layer is Air Dispensing Visco-Elastic Gel which allows heat and air to move freely, giving best motion control and act as a shock absorber and lets you settle comfortably.

The third layer gives the strength and durability to your mattress and acts as the support to above two layers thus helping them in their functionalities.


There are some limitations of gel-infused mattresses. Cooling effect would not last for a long time. These in good quality are generally high priced but getting it in fewer than 500.

You should consider all the reviews before buying it and check out the quality of the material used. Though for some of us it is quite comfortable they have better support but could be uncomfortable for people who side sleepers or those who have less body weight.

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Highlight Luxury Firm Full Size (54″x75″x14″) Mattress Only – Fully Assembled – Spinal Back Support, Innerspring Coils, Premium edge guards, Long lasting Comfort by Dream Solutions USA

Dream Solutions USA, is the manufacturer of this mattress. Highlight Luxury Firm Mattress claims that your sleep on this mattress will be the most luxurious one. This mattress is designed in such a manner and with technology that it gives you comfort, support and these also enhance your beauty. It is like finding a diamond in the haystack. What else do you need if you can get beauty sleep with all the comfort and orthopaedic support? Some of the features of this mattress are:

It is a full-size mattress with the specification of Width 54”x Length 75”x Height 14”

The number of coils in innerspring is 357 coils,

Foam padding is also sufficient with 2 x 1/2″ poly foam on every side.

Generally comes in white or beige colour.

When we talk of US standards, it comes at par with 1632 and 1633 standards.


The best feature is that it is flip-able which gives this mattress longevity. If you prefer a firm bed than this the one for you. They have good customer service support. This mattress has gone under scientific testing, and it has which will lead to a relaxed night’s sleep. Being able to have a comfortable and relaxing sleep is what everyone wants.

After a hectic day when you look at your bed, you should feel happy rather than being sad. This mattress is going to provide all the benefits to you and that too in fewer than 500.


This mattress is very firm in its material if you are not so found of firm material and would prefer something less firm like plush firm than this mattress is not going to benefit you. It doesn’t come with a trial period as is available in many mattresses, so judge before you order one.

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Best 2 Rest 10 inch Natural Latex Foam Mattress Full with Organic Cotton Cover – 10 Year Warranty – CertiPUR-US Certified – Made in the USA

Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Foam mattress comprises of latex, gel infused foam and high-density foam in its layers. Natural latex is 2 inches. The gel-infused foam layer is of 1 inch, and high-density foam layer is of 7 inches. Now, this ratio makes this mattress a very supportive kind of mattress. It is neither too firm nor too soft combination thus targeting a lot of people out there.

It helps in sound and deep sleep as your body adjusts according to the mattress. It molds according to your sleeping preference. Latex is one of the materials that are very beneficial to the user. It relieves the person from back pains, restlessness while sleeping when you keep moving around on the bed. It also targets your pressure points thus providing you relief.

Another feature is it can control the temperature. Since it has organic cotton as well in its material it is hypoallergenic thus keeping in mind the people who have very sensitive skin. This cotton is pesticide free and is not artificially made.

Organic cotton is quite popular these days. It has soft and natural to use. This mattress is rolled and compressed for easy delivery. Once you set this up, you have left it for 24-48 hours so that it can take its plush form.


This mattress comes with 10 years of warranty and is manufactured in the USA under strict guidelines. Its material is organic and cotton based which is hypoallergenic. It has the perfect dimension for any king size bed.


The wait of around 24-48 hours so that your mattress takes its plush shape after setting it up, could be a drawback to many who would prefer to use it right away. This mattress also contains some artificial, polyurethane components in its material.

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Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress (Full) – 10-Inches Tall – Featuring Visco Gel Cool Design So You’ll Sleep Comfortably All Night

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattress under 500. It conforms to Goldilocks standard of being “just right”. It will give you a feel of being in a hotel bed just cloud-like. This mattress is manufactured using materials that adjust to most of the sleepers be them 40 or 400 pounds. Whatever is your sleeping position be it back, side or spread out this product guarantees a good and sound sleep to its users.

It is one of the bestselling products of the company. This mattress has a layer of Air Foam Memory Foam and gel-Max Memory Foam.  The price of this mattress is under 500, but the company claims that they have not compromised on the material rather they have made changes in their supply chain and retail costs so that they could provide this product in one-third of the price you will get in any store offline.

It is compressed so that it can be delivered easily to the user.


This product is CertiPUR-US Certified which makes it environmentally friendly. It is made without PBDE flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, and other heavy metals. It comes with 10 years of warranty and has 10 inches of thickness.

Due to the great quality material used the product gives you sound and deep sleep. It conforms to most sleepers.


This product doesn’t come with a cover, so if used directly it can develop mold and fungus. Keep in mind to buy a waterproof cover for the mattress which could be an added burden on your budget.

Also since it is memory foam, it is best if used on box frame, so that heat and air can circulate. If you don’t have a box frame bed, this mattress may not work out for you.

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12 Inch Cool Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Plush Support(Made in the USA) (Full)

Cool Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress is handmade in the USA. This may be the thing you were looking for which falls under your budget. Getting a mattress at your house without wandering around dozens of the shop can be so relaxing, and you can be relieved of this burden.

The mattress look and feel is luxurious, and it has eight-way stretch fabric which is white in colour and textured too, also you find a pebble grey border. The gel is embedded in the memory foam throughout which is great as it makes it more comfortable and cooler than the foam mattress which just has gel infused beads.

It has multiple layers of material to give plush comfort. It has cool sleep gel memory foam of two and a half inch below which is contouring foam of around two inches and last but not the least spine support foam of seven and a half inches, thus resulting in a 12-inch mattress.


It has open Cell Visco elastic foam due to which air can move freely within the mattress thus making it possible to regulate the temperature. It comes with reduced motion transfer thus making it easy for your partners if you have a habit of moving around a lot at night. It comes with a cover which is a great deal to catch.

This mattress can be used in any type of bed be it box frame, flat platform or anything. It gives 10 years of warranty.


The newly opened mattress will have foam smell which will disappear in a few days. It is not very firm kind of mattress, so if you are looking for a firm mattress this will not do justice to you.

They don’t provide trial services. Just look at the reviews by real users a lot before purchasing.

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Berger & Strauss – (Twin) – 15 inch – Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress – Exclusive Breathable Memory Fiber Pockets – Certi-PUR Certified – 101 Night Risk-Free Trial

This mattress is manufactured by Berger & Strauss. It has many features that make it an amazing deal to get. The best one is it comes with 101 Night Risk-Free trail. Most of us are skeptical when we have to buy mattresses online as we have not seen the material and don’t know how it would feel after lying down on it. This apprehension that we have has been taken care by Berger and Strauss, since you can try the mattress for 101 nights and if are unsatisfied with the mattress in any way you can get your refund.

Their return policy is good. It is Certi-PUR Certified, so it is PBDE flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, and other heavy metals free. It is a hybrid memory Foam Mattress which uses memory fibre pocket technology, due to which one gets them to have a relaxed and deep night’s sleep. It maintains its temperature thus making it comfortable for us. It is twin size mattress.


This is Berger & Strauss one of the luxury mattresses. It has a beautiful cover which feels like velvet. It enhances your sleep by providing you with full body support and tweaking your pressure points in back so that you don’t have a backache after night’s sleep.

It provides strengthened support under the parts where it is most required by our body. The biggest attraction is its price. It has a nice gel cooling topper. It is environment-friendly, uses viscose bamboo cover to provide an extreme luxury feel to the user.


This one is a very firm mattress, so until you love your mattress to be firm and strong don’t go for this. This mattress doesn’t seem to have many shortfalls, so if you decide on this just go for it and give it a try.

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Olee Sleep 8 Inch 4 Layer Air Ventilation Memory Foam Mattress (Full) 08FM01F

Olee Sleep is the manufacturer of this mattress. It is one of the many memory foam mattresses that are now days gaining popularity in the market. They are very reasonable in their range. Memory foam remembers your sleeping pattern and conforms to your sleeping habits, thus giving you a feeling of being cuddled. They are generally plush or medium firm thus targeting a wide array of the customer base. Some of the features of Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress are:

For ventilation and flow of air, it has 3.5-inch High-Density Foam Convoluted Layer.

To disperse or distribute your weight evenly throughout the mattress it has 2.5 Inch ILD 28 Density 29 Pound Foam,

Memory Foam is 1 inch which gives you a cuddling feeling as it molds to shape of your body.

To support your back and reduce back pains it has 1 inch HD foam.


Its price is the biggest benefit you can see when looking for such quality of the material. It gives you balanced support and comfortable resting or sleeping time. It minimises the motion disturbance which some of us do by tossing and turning around a lot.

It could be bad for the partner, so this mattress absorbs the motion caused by a lot of moving thus giving you a relaxed sleep. It comes in a small parcel, and it is compressed using the vacuum technology which makes it easy to deliver and set up.


Memory foam is very popular right now, but to some sleepers, it is not so comfortable. Since it comes in a vacuumed compressed state, it takes time for it to get into its original state. Sometimes the inches could vary by 1-2 inch. Though if you encounter such a problem contact the customer service which is very responsive.

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Swiss Ortho Sleep 12 inch Plush Pillow Top & Pocket Spring Mattress – Green Foam Certified (Full)

If you still want an innerspring mattress and one which is not pricey and is under your budget, then you can consider Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress. Innerspring is considered a traditional mattress as it has been around for a long time. It will give you a good night’s sleep due to various special features it encompasses. It is 12 inch and has a very simple and beautiful look.

It has a bamboo cover which is breathable and good for people with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic. It remains cool. 13 gauge coils that are individually wrapped gives support to the body areas which require that most, also reducing the motion disturbance caused by us thus giving us or our partner a calm sleep.

This mattress has a pocketed coil system which is good for blood circulation and pressure point reliefs. It is very strong and durable that’s why the company offers a 10-year warranty as well. It is one of the bestsellers in the company’s products since to get so many features under 500 when compared to other companies is itself so tempting for the user.


Some of the benefits of using this mattress are that it shows no motion transfer, it gives better support and comfort due to individually wrapped coils. The surface of the mattress is breathable thus it doesn’t become hot.

The cover is bamboo which is very soft and gives off a luxurious feeling. It is perfect for all kind of sleepers and sleeping patterns one follow. Price is one best feature that tempts many. Packaging is good comes with a 10-year warranty.


Since it is an Innerspring mattress, sometimes the coils inside the mattress lose their durability you can see indentations in your mattress. After some time some people commented that they felt the springs when using.

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Spectra 14-inch Double-Sided Pillow-Top Pocket Coil Plush Orthopedic Mattress

This mattress is manufactured by Spectra. Spectra is a very well-known brand in America which makes orthopaedic mattresses in various sizes, designs, and styles. Its products are eco-friendly. Its target is to give the users rejuvenating experience while sleeping irrespective of their sleeping preferences, habits or styles.

This company manufacture mattresses in good quality that helps the user in their back, neck and shoulder pains. Features of Spectra Mattress are:

14 inch in thickness.

It has 1400 pocket coils which distribute the weight evenly.

It can be flipped. Even if you flip, it will give you some support from the other side.

The quality of the material used is up to the mark. The top cover is cool to touch. This knife-edge pillow top mattress is manufactured in such a way that it keeps the heat away.


This is the best mattress under 500 category. It is 14 inches thick and gives the user a soft, luxurious feel along with relief in pressure points and supporting individually so that if you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, you can avoid getting joint pains.

It confers to your body shape as it has extra soft knife edge pillow top and very great supportive core. As it is flip-able, its durability can be increased, since flipping a mattress can give you a fresh feel of the surface and in the meantime, the other side comes back to its original shape thus maintaining the quality.


This is a very soft mattress thus think before you order it. This spectra mattress doesn’t offer a trial period, so it is not easy to return if you are somehow not satisfied with the product. The mattress is quite heavy to lift, so it becomes a task for bedding changes done regularly.

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